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Add the transit agencies in Los Angeles besides Metro, especially Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica

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    wanderer shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Sirinya Matute commented  · 

        Hello--I know this thread is pretty old, and I don't know if the project is current. However, I want to let you know that the Big Blue Bus began publishing its static time tables and the lat/longs for the bus stops in their system starting last fall. You may point to it from here: https://github.com/CityofSantaMonica/GTFS
        Thank you-
        SIrinya Matute
        Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

      • Urban Reason commented  · 

        Stefan, mapnificent was just featured on Curbed LA (http://goo.gl/CNuvR) so you'll probably be getting a lot of LA folks popping up over here. It would be a great help if you could assemble the contact info for the transit agencies in LA that are missing in one place to make it easy for us to rapid fire at the agencies for their GTFS data without having to dig around in the comments or online for their contact info. I see you have Big Blue, here's Culver City Bus...

        Culver City Bus:

      • ryanmatteson commented  · 

        The purple & red lines (Metro subway) are not included. For such a sprawled city these lines are terribly convenient and effective. I know many people who base all of their travel on the subway (including me).

      • NB commented  · 

        Not all of LA Metro's buses are included, maybe especially on the west side? For example, there's a bus on Venice (33 I think) that runs from the ocean to downtown, and there are buses that run along Sepulveda that aren't included.

      • Tyler commented  · 

        I don't think anyone has mentioned Culver City Bus. They don't seem to be on gtfs-data-exchange.com. I wonder if BBB and CCB can be convinced to publish their data. Thanks Stefan for this great utility!

      • AdminStefan Wehrmeyer (Admin, Mapnificent) commented  · 

        OK everybody,
        I hear you, LA is pretty inaccurate right now. Let's fix it, shall we?
        I need not only the list of transit agencies in and around LA, but also a link to their GTFS data (preferably on gtfs-data-exchange.com) and if they don't publish data, we all need to contact the agency and ask them to publish their timetable data as GTFS.

        By the way: you can see the currently included agencies of a map in the lower left corner and that is only LA Metro. It was the only one listed on gtfs-data-exchange.com for LA and I used it. But apparently we need more for a better picture.

        I need your help, I don't know jack about LA transit and need your expertise. Also if an agency doesn't publish data, I can't do anything about it.

      • rosyruns commented  · 

        also the FlyAway Bus, Metrolink, Amtrak, the Hollywood Bowl buses, the downtown restaurant/music center shuttle, DASH lines, Orange County's bus network, LA express and rapid bus lines, the list goes on and on. Mapnificent is grossly inaccurate for LA right now.

      • Zak commented  · 

        Fixed rail (Red Line) is definitely not included in the data for Los Angeles. I wonder why.

      • Sirinya commented  · 

        Stefan - Do you think the omission of the fixed rail or rapid bus lines is a quirk in the data set? Is this something that needs to be brought to Metro's attention?

      • Adam Villani commented  · 

        I may be missing something, but it seems to only recognize Metro's regular and Rapid bus lines. I don't see any evidence that it acknowledges the existence of the Red Line subway or the Orange Line busway. Great concept, but it's lacking a major part of the transit picture here.

      • AdminStefan Wehrmeyer (Admin, Mapnificent) commented  · 

        Sorry for being too technical. GTFS stands for Google Transit Feed Specification and is the format transit agencies give the data to Google so it can be used in Google Maps. This data is oftentimes also available to the public. The awesome http://gtfs-data-exchange.com collects GTFS data from agencies and makes it available at a central point.

        If you are interested in having an agency supported on Mapnificent, I need to get their data. If the data is on gtfs-data-exchange.com, perfect. If not, I have to look if it's published somewhere else. In the case of Big Blue bus, it's apparently not available to the public, just to Google.
        To change that, I recommend writing to Big Blue Bus and asking them to make their Google Transit data (GTFS data) available to the public. You can politely state the advantages: developers will create awesome apps with the data for free!

      • wanderer commented  · 

        Stefan, explain the GTFS data to this techno-illiterate, so I can make an intelligent request to the Big Blue Bus people.

        There are multiple transit agencies besides Metro in Los Angeles, but Big Blue Bus is probably the most important and the one with the most overlap with Metro. Other major ones are Long Beach Transit for the city of Long Beach and surrounding areas, Foothill Transit for the area roughly from Pasadena northeast, and the Orange County Transportation Authority.

      • Kenya Wheeler commented  · 

        The Los Angeles map does not currently (as of 11/23/10) code the Metro Rail Blue line aka Route 801 properly. You can commute from Long Beach downtown to Compton in 24 minutes or to downtown Los Angeles in 55 minutes [www.metro.net/riding_metro/bus_overview/images/801.pdf ] yet this is not reflected on the travel time cordon. The access map should also show small circles around intermediate stations in South Los Angeles to illustrate the walkshed that can be reached in the amount of time identified on the slider if a transit passenger alighted at one of these stops.

        Other rail lines in LA should be checked to see if this is a larger error.

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